North Mundham Primary School will be closed until further notice.

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January 2021

North Mundham Primary School will be closed until further notice.

Please click here to read our current Risk Assessment and Arrangements in school.

We continue to be concerned for all our pupils well-being at this time.  Please contact the Head teacher, Zoe Gordon at head@northmundham.w-sussex.sch.uk or the Assistant Headteacher, Justin Murray at jmurray7@wsussex.org.uk

Please contact the school office if you have any queries: office@northmundham.w-sussex.sch.uk

Our school is welcoming, caring and happy – an exciting and creative place to learn together.

We respect and value each other and expect the best of each other.

We work with our school family and the wider community to grow into confident, independent learners and celebrate our achievements.

To contact us, please email Mrs Jane Cross, Business Manager at:

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Congratulations to our independent Y6s. Their amazing efforts at organising and delivering their personalised sponsorship ideas has raised an incredible £885.50 for the British Heart Foundation. We are truly amazed!! Great job!! https://t.co/KBDCSQ3RTd NMundhamSchool photo

Class 4 worked hard and had lots of fun at their Viking Market.

(Thank you mums and dads for all your support for the children.) https://t.co/ltMhXncBbJ
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Do you shop online? You can raise money for North Mundham Primary School PTA through your everyday online shopping with @easyuk.

Please support us:

https://t.co/ONTSxg7fvs https://t.co/Yqrtk7JjGd
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Year 6's lion looms above you as you come into our school. All of these pieces were inspired by Wonderbird by David Lucas. https://t.co/fOMyLRcuBn NMundhamSchool photo

Year 5's tiger is prowling through the entrance area. https://t.co/oVxUPMBZNi NMundhamSchool photo