After School Care Club

 Welcome to North Mundham After School Care Club

Our aim is to provide high quality after school care for pupils who attend North Mundham School where families wish to collect their child later than the end of the school day. The club aims to create an informal, ‘family’ environment where children of different ages interact, play and relax together.


Care Club Manager: Miss V Humphries
Play Assistant: to be arranged
The club meet in Class 2 for registration. They use the hall, the community room and the outdoor spaces for supervised activities.


Children can attend the club daily, on regular days each week or on an adhoc basis. Bookings are made by completing a booking form available from the school office.
Before attending the club for the first time, parents / carers need to complete a ‘child details form’ which includes details of contact telephone numbers, medical conditions, allergies etc.
The school reserves the right to refuse a booking or cancel a child’s booking if their behaviour jeopardises the safety or well-being of other children attending the club.

Session times

The club operates three sessions:
Session A (Monday – Friday) will begin at 3.20pm and end at 4.30pm. Cost £5.50 including snack
Session B (Monday – Thursday) will begin at 3.20pm and end at 5.30pm Cost £9 including snack
Session C (Fridays only) will begin at 3.20pm and end at 5pm Cost £7.50 including snack
The club operates for the full academic year excluding any INSET days and Bank Holidays.
Please note, prices may increase slightly from January 2018.


Activities include arts and crafts, games, indoor and outdoor play, quiet activities such as homework or reading and free play.

A typical timetable for a session could be as follows:
3.20pm Registration and free play including construction toys, art materials doing and making table
4.00pm Snack time followed by reading / homework / computers
4.45pm Games activity – sport / team games / outdoor play
5.15pm Pack up / relax / book corner / DVD


Snack time will happen at about 4pm. Snacks will include on different days: sandwiches, wraps, crumpets etc with a choice of fillings. Fruit will be available each day. The children will be involved in getting snacks ready, choosing what to eat and helping to clear away. Parents / carers are asked to inform club staff of dietary requirements and allergies on the registration form and these are closely adhered to.

Child Protection and Health and Safety

1. All staff employed are appropriately qualified and are police checked and medically cleared to work with children.
2. The staff are qualified first aiders.
3. Appropriate staff : child ratios are adhered to and, in an emergency, Care Club staff can call on additional support from other staff in school.
4. Class teachers will have a list of who is attending the Care Club each day. They will ensure that children arrive safely at Care Club. If children are attending an after school club they will be delivered to Care Club when this finishes at 4pm.
5. Children can only be collected by adults that parents / carers have notified school about. If the person collecting your child changes at short notice please phone the Care Club to confirm your consent to this arrangement.
6. Children must be signed out on collection.
7. All accidents are recorded. If an accident has occurred the adult collecting will be informed and asked to sign an ‘Accident / Illness Report Form’.
8. Please advise the school office in advance if your child will not be attending a session you have booked for whatever reason. Eg. Illness, going home with a friend for a playdate etc.


The club follows the school’s policy for the administration of medicines. Please see the school website or ask in the office.

Policies and Procedures

All activities of the Care Club are risk assessed. The club follows the school’s policies and procedures.


If parents / carers have cause for complaint they should initially discuss the matter with a member of staff from Care Club. If an issue is not resolved to their satisfaction, parents / carers should put their concerns in writing to the Headteacher of North Mundham School. Procedure would then follow the school’s complaint procedure available from the school office.

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