Kids Zone


Follow these links for fun, educational websites:

For additional information on how to login to these sites, please see below:

J2e requires your child’s USO username and password.  This is the same as their network username and password used at school, with the exception that .938 needs to be added to the end of their usual username.  For example: jbloggs.938

Once you have access this site many apps are available to you including BusyThings and J2Blast, which contains SpellBlast and ttBlast (for times tables).

For instructions on how to login to Letterjoin, click here, the school will have issued you with a username and password.  Please contact the office if you experience any problems.

Click here for the Letterjoin Home Users Guide for Parents and Pupils.


In the event of nationwide school closures PhonicsPlay is now a free to access site.   There is no need to set up as a new user, simply use the log in details provided on their homepage. Those people accessing their resources from a phone or tablet may find it easier to use the new site The release of this has been brought forward so please be aware there are a few broken links or omissions.


Twinkl are offering a month of free access to parents in the event of school closures due to Coronavirus.  This is a useful site for printouts.  To login:

Step 1: Go to
Step 2: Enter the code: CVDTWINKLHELPS