School Organisation

School organisation will be very similar to before Christmas. We will continue to stagger the start and end of the day to minimise the number of pupils in one space at the same time. It is essential that you keep to your times and leave school quickly to make space for the next classes arriving / leaving. If you arrive early, please wait in the car park until it is time to join the queue (only queue if there is a coloured dot available for you to stand on). If you are happy to drop your child at the turning circle – there will be a member of staff to receive your child(ren).

Class R  Drop off 9.00am   Pick up 3.15pm (main entrance)
Class 1   Drop off 9.00am   Pick up 3.20pm (tennis courts)
Class 2   Drop off 8.50am   Pick up 3.20pm (main entrance)
Class 3   Drop off 8.40am   Pick up 3.10pm (main entrance)
Class 4   Drop off 8.40am   Pick up 3.10pm (tennis courts)
Class 5   Drop off 8.30am   Pick up 3.00pm (main entrance
Class 6  Drop off 8.30am   Pick up 3.00pm (tennis courts)

Brothers and sisters may be dropped off and collected at the same time. Please drop off at the correct time for the eldest sibling.

The gate on the main road will be opened from 8.30 for families to drop children off (at the gate) in their allotted slot. There will be a member of staff on duty to receive the children. Please note that parents will not be admitted onto school grounds through this gate at this time.

Contacting the school

If you need to contact the school please try to do this by phone or email rather than coming to the school office. Please note that the main office email should be used for this purpose. Class emails will only be used for communication about remote learning (for pupils who have been told to self-isolate) and monitored once a week by teachers. If you need to come into school, you will need to wear a face covering and ensure that you have cleaned your hands.

Visitors in school

In order to continue to keep our school community safe, we will be continuing to limit the number of visitors in school. Unfortunately, at this point, this includes parent helpers. As soon as it is safe to have more parents in school, we will let you know as we really value the help that you are able to give in less restricted times.

School Uniform

The children should come to school in their school uniform. We know that some children will have grown out of their school uniform and that there is limited availability at the moment. There will be allowances made for this over the next few weeks and please contact us if we can help in any way. The PTA have washed and sorted a large amount of second hand uniform which will be available on a rail for you to come and help yourselves to on the following days:

Monday – Class R
Tuesday- Class 1
Wednesday- Class 2
Thursday – Class 3 and 4
Friday- Class 5 and 6.

Please ensure that you respect social distancing rules when collecting items (hand sanitiser will be available)

PE & Forest School

On the days when your child has PE or Forest School, they should come to school dressed for these activities. A timetable will be provided with this week’s newsletter.

Bringing items into school

Children in Year 2 (wellies) and year 6 should bring spare footwear to change into at break and lunchtime as their breaktime will be spent on a grassed area.
Children must bring a coat, a water bottle (to contain water only) to school each day and should bring their bookbag. All other items must be left at home in order to limit the amount of additional items that we have in school that could result in cross-infection.


Attendance in school is mandatory for all children and ‘the usual rules on school attendance apply- including parents’ duty to secure their child’s regular attendance at school’ (p. 32 DFE Schools coronavirus operational guidance Feb 2021)


Please continue to be vigilant for signs of coronavirus. If your child or anyone in in your family shows signs of the virus (high temperature, new persistent cough or loss of taste/smell) it is vital that you contact the school immediately. If your child falls ill with any of these symptoms during the school day, we will contact you to collect them and book a coronavirus test as soon as possible.

Remote Learning

If it is necessary to isolate a group of children or if your child has been asked to self-isolate the school has a duty to deliver remote learning. A link will be shared in this week’s newsletter to our Remote Learning Policy on the school website. If your child is unwell they are not expected to complete work.

Lateral Flow testing

In order to minimise risks within school as much as possible, all staff are self-testing twice weekly to ensure that we are aware of anyone who is asymptomatic. This includes any part time staff or staff working in the school who are employed externally (e.g. Chartwells kitchen staff). Parents of primary aged children are able to access lateral flow tests from local test centres if you wish to test your child or yourself. It is not expected or required by school and is your responsibility to arrange if you wish to do so.