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Letters by Email

Our email system for letters is up and running so if you have not received any emails yet please let us know! Teachers will display a paper copy of letters near their external door and there will also be a copy displayed on the noticeboard in the archway – so you can always check that you have seen the latest letter.

PE Kits

It is important that PE kits are in school for all children every day of the week.

If the PE kit comes home – please check it is returned to school the next day.

If it’s still in the wash – please send a plain T shirt and shorts as a stand by until it’s ready.

After School Activities

Next week is the last week for clubs (week commencing 27th March) except for football on Tuesdays and Cookery Club on Mondays – these will run during the last week of term.

Clubs will start again week commencing 1st May, and the list of clubs on offer for the Summer term will be sent to you next week.

Sims-In-Touch – Correspondence to Parents

As from next week, we will be using our parent mail/text system. Therefore, in future, the majority of our correspondence to parents will be sent to you via e-mail.

With regard to texts, you will receive these as urgent reminders e.g. if we need to cancel a club on the day. As mentioned in the last Heron newsletter, please save the following number in your mobile phone contacts under the name ‘North Mundham School’ to allow you to see if we have messaged you – 07860 063054.

 If you experience any problems with this system, please contact the school office.

Bomb Scares

Lots of you will be aware of the hoax bomb threats that were received by schools around the UK on Wednesday this week. We did not receive such a threat but I wanted to reassure you that we have procedures in place and systems for contacting families in an emergency.

The nature of emergencies is that you never know what and when the emergency will be, but we have planned, rehearsed and discussed scenarios as staff. We do not talk in specifics to the children as we feel this could easily cause anxiety but we rehearse for incidents where we need to collect together indoors and for those where we need to evacuate the building.

Car Park

We are very fortunate to have the parking space offered by the North Mundham Playing Fields Committee. However, even with this space, the traffic after school is often very busy. Please be on high alert when using this space. Children are small and quick and not at all easy to see when near cars. Please park considerately; consider reversing into the space if you arrive when not many people are about. We would all hate for anything to happen so please double check, over check and be very vigilant.

PTA Support

The PTA has committed funds to supporting all our families over this Spring and Summer Term. Each class will receive the cost of coach travel to a class visit (coach travel is always an expensive element of the cost of a visit) and each class will receive funding for class reading texts.

We are grateful that PTA funds can be used in this way for the benefit of everyone.