School Well-Being Dog

We have some exciting news to share that we have welcomed our very own School Dog!

Sophie, who will be working with Mrs Cross and based in her office, will in time be trained as a well-being dog and support pupils in school. Also she will gradually become known to the children and be a shared pet for us all. This term Sophie will be coming in to visit and become familiar with the school.

Some information about school dogs

Sophie is a cockapoo, renowned for their love of people. This particular hybrid dog has an outgoing happy disposition, good temperament and non-malting coat which is more suitable for asthma sufferers. Their playful personality has made them one of the most popular mixed breed dogs, and they engage old and young alike with their intelligent and playful nature. Coupled with a forgiving disposition they make the perfect child-friendly dog. Their compact size makes them an ideal dog. Their parentage (cocker spaniel and poodle cross) ensures they are easy to train.

Evidence from other schools shows a multitude of benefits which come from working with animals, and this fantastic opportunity is something we are proud to be able to offer to our pupils. Not only is a dog a useful intervention for pupils who may struggle with social skills, but there is significant evidence to show that children with emotional, learning or behavioural difficulties can benefit enormously from the presence and interaction of companion animals.

Having a dog in school allows pupils to interact with an animal in a therapeutic and controlled environment, in which Sophie will have trained adult supervision at all times. A careful risk assessment and the necessary insurances are in place and the dog will not be in school if she is unwell in any way.

We are very much looking forward to Sophie joining us and we will be sharing her further adventures with you, however should you not wish your child to interact with Sophie, please complete the slip at the end of this newsletter and return to Mrs Cross or Mrs Tew in the office by Wednesday 11th September.