Classes for 2018-2019

We are busy planning for next year and listed below is the Class Structure for 2018 -2019. The children in Y1 – Y5 will spend time with their new class teachers on Monday 16th July. Class R and Class 6 have already spent time with their new teachers.

Class TeacherTeaching Assistants
Class RMrs HarrisonMrs Cole
Miss Stead
Class 1Mrs Atkins (Mon – Weds)
Mrs Hornsbury (Thurs – Fri)
Miss Stead
Mrs Turrell
Class 2Mrs PalinMiss Humphries
Class 3Mr OrchardMrs Moore
Mrs Saxton
Class 4Mr TranMrs Herrington
Mrs Higenbottam
Miss Holt
Class 5Mrs GillMrs Munden
Mrs Higenbottam
Mrs Kelly
Class 6Mr MurrayMrs Holden
SENDMrs Finch
Mrs Lambert

You will notice that some TA’s are working across two classes and will work part-time in both