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Curriculum at North Mundham School

The curriculum at North Mundham is based on:

  • The school’s aims and policies
  • The Programmes of Study in the National Curriculum
  • The West Sussex Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education

At North Mundham we enable pupils to develop the basic skills, using and applying these skills meaningfully within a broad and balanced curriculum. We operate a cycle of topics based on the Programmes of Study in Science, Geography and History. Work in other areas of the curriculum is planned in to the topic where it is relevant and appropriate; if not, it is taught separately.

All children learn in mixed ability classes. Pupils are taught in a variety of ways – individually, in groups or as a class. All teachers work to make learning active and visual and to give opportunities for discussion and reflection. Learning is embedded through more independent work, enabling pupils to demonstrate the skills they are gaining confidence with.

Group and individual targets are set with pupils on a regular cycle and discussed with parents and carers at consultation evenings.

At each key stage, active learning, educational visits, visiting experts and outdoor work are an important part of learning.

Literacy & Language

Spelling Leaflet
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Reading at North Mundham
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