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Summer Fayre – 12pm, Saturday 17 June 2017




We have another new fundraising scheme via where the PTA can earn cashback on any purchases made through the website.

The website sells personalised stamps usable on fabric, metal, wood & some plastics. They are fantastic for labelling belongings – clothes, shoes, books, pencil cases etc. (You might find you get a bit obsessed and start labelling everything!) Great if you hate sewing / ironing on name labels!

You can personalise the stamp with your child’s name and a little picture too.

Please go to the website and have a little read. If you do place an order, please remember to enter our unique code: MUNDHAM, in the PTA box at checkout. We will then receive cashback which will go to the PTA funds – win win!

Note that the code is not limited to parents at our school; it can be shared with friends, family and colleagues.


Do you shop online? Do it through raise a free donation for North Mundham Primary School PTA every time you shop!
It costs you nothing and is very simple to use. You can even download an app, click here or a Donation Reminder tool, click here to help you remember to do it! Once registered, you can use the app or the website to browse or search the list of retailers, then you click on a link and complete your purchase as usual.

There are some great offers available on travel, entertainment, insurance, utilities etc. Basically anything that you buy online – whether it’s a Christmas gift, your weekly shop, clothes, train tickets, a holiday, a new phone, changing your gas supplier, or purchasing car insurance – its probably included on the website!


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