Upcoming Events

Summer Fayre 2018

The Summer Fayre is almost upon us and we are looking forward to it being another huge success. It is one of our most important fundraising events of the year.  There is a huge amount of preparation involved in getting everything ready to make it a great day for everyone.

The theme this year will be Wild West!  There will be a ‘bucking bronco’ for you to attempt to ‘Ride the Rodeo’ along with the usual fun games like the Coconut Shy, Beat the Goalie etc. Some new additions to look out for this year are ‘Cactus Hoopla’, ‘Fling the Cowboy Boot’ and ‘Sponge the Deputy’ as well as a Wild West style BBQ with food fit for a cowboy (or cowgirl!)

Summer Fayre Countdown

Completed Helpers Promise Slip ASAP but before Friday 15th June
Raffle Prize Donation SlipASAP but before Friday 15th June
Programme Front Cover DesignBefore Friday 15th June
Year 2 Cookie/Cake Promise SlipsBefore Friday 15th June
Raffle stubs and collection money to be returned to school officeFriday 22nd June
Toys and Games & Washed Teddy DonationsWednesday 20th June
Year 2 bring in cookies/cakes that were promised please include ingredients listFriday 22nd June
Day before helpers to arrive to set up stalls, label prizes, Friday 22nd June
Day helpers to arrive to man a stallSaturday 23rd June
All to come to the Fayre and enjoy all the fun. Saturday 23rd June 2018 12-2pm

Click here for a copy of the sign-up slips.

PTA Aims

The aim of our PTA is to raise extra funds for the school, and in doing so to hold a variety of events for the children and their families.

We have a committee comprising of parents and staff who meet each term to plan events. Behind the scenes we also have a lot of very supportive parents who help out at the large events such as the Christmas Fayre, the Summer Faytre, School Discos etc.

Not every event is solely to raise money. During the year we try to organise a couple of social evenings for families. For example we have a popular ‘Bingo’ evening. These occasions help to bring together parents, staff and children outside school hours socially.

Having raised the money we then ask the headteacher and staff which items the school is in need of. We also subsidise the cost of swimming and some school trips or in-school workshops.

We are always looking for new members or ideas. The Annual General Meeting is held in September, so do come along. We are open to any suggestions to help our children to have the best opportunities in school.

PTA Committee PTA Class Representatives 
Co-ChairsKate Freeman
Natalie McKellar
Year RLucy Scott
SecretaryCassie PageYear 1Charlene Upton
Publicity OfficerLucy ScottYear 2Katie Ayling
TreasurerClaire RuffYear 3Diane Dunning
Year 4Natalie McKellar
Year 5Morag Hill
Year 6Kate Freeman

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If you wish to contribute in anyway,
please e-mail: