Class Structure for 2017 -2018

We are busy planning for next year and listed below is the Class Structure for 2017 -2018. The children will spend time with their new class teachers on Monday 17th July.


Class Teacher TA’s
Class R Mrs Harrison Mrs Cole

Miss Stead

Class 1 Mrs Skelton (Mon – Weds)

Mrs Hornsbury (Thurs – Fri)


Mrs Dixon

Class 2 Mrs Palin Miss Humphries


Class 3 Mr Orchard Mrs Saxton

Mrs Kelly (SEN)


Class 4


Mr Tran

Mrs Herrington

Miss Holt (SEN)


Class 5


Mrs Gill

Mrs Higenbottam

Class 6


Mr Murray

Mrs Holden

Mrs Moore (SEN)

SEND Mrs Finch Mrs Munden

New appointment

Staff News

Mrs Atkins has worked with us for seven years and in September she is starting a course at Chichester University to qualify as a teacher. She will still work with us a little during the week and in the spring she will carry out her second school placement here at North Mundham. Good Luck Mrs Atkins!

School Uniform

We are always proud of how smart the children look and thank you for your support with school uniform. If you are buying new school uniform ready for September – please consult the list below.

Dark coloured school shoes (no coloured stripes / soles)
Grey, white or green socks or tights
Dark grey school trousers, skirt, pinafore, shorts or culottes
Dark green jumper or cardigan
White polo shirt
School book bag
Please ensure school bags are not too huge as cloakroom space is limited
Long hair tied back
No nail varnish

PE Kit
Red shorts, white T shirt (with school emblem), trainers or plimsolls
Black joggers for colder weather

Please see Mrs Cross or Miss Hearn if you wish to order items from school. School will also be open to purchase uniform on Monday 4th September from 11am – 12pm.

Summer Fayre

A huge thank you to everyone for a great day at this year’s Summer Fayre. Whether you donated, helped or came to the Summer Fayre (or probably all of these) – thank you.

The PTA committee did a lot of work behind the scenes and secured many generous donations from local businesses etc. We are very grateful for all this support.

The final total after expenses is around £2500 – Amazing!

The Ash Tree

Our thanks to Kieran Cruttenden of KJC Trees (one of our dads) whose company pollarded the Ash Tree for us (definitely at ‘mates rates’). The tree will sprout in time but it will be a while before there are any heavy boughs.

Do you have a trailer?

We have been offered an ‘out of use’ 3.43m Heron Class sailing dinghy to use as a place to sit / play together with friends. If you have some means of helping us to collect this and bring it to school, please let the office know or speak to Mr Orchard.

Holidays in term time

Thank you to the majority of families who organise their holidays in the school breaks so that there is no impact on their child’s attendance at school.

Following the supreme court ruling on the case of the parent who disputed the Fixed Penalty Notice for taking his child out of school during term time for a family holiday, West Sussex have stated that they have resumed the use of Fixed Penalty Notices in such circumstances. Please click here to see the leaflet.

If you are considering taking your child out of school for a family holiday, please make an appointment to discuss this with me at the earliest possible opportunity, preferably before the booking is made.

Increased Security

I would like to make families aware that following recent events we will be asking for ID for anyone entering the school building who is not known to us. This may at times include family members such as uncles, aunts and grandparents visiting school. I am sure everyone will understand this.